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Linksys smart wifi router Setup

Linksys Smart WiFi routers are easy to set up because of router Smart Setup Wizard. Smart Setup Wizard is embedded inside the router firmware. You can make use of Smart setup wizard even in case your wifi router doesn’t have a web connection. Even after setting up through smart setup wizard, Linksys smart Wi-Fi user experiences dropping wireless connections problem. It feels so irritated each time when you see signals vanish completely at the time of work. No doubt,It is which common issue,which each router consumer face sooner or later. To overcome the problem requires a good deal of effort.
You can overcome the problem easily if you recognize the real cause behind it. So, undergo our page if you are unable to get a wireless connection in any respect. Not handiest this, we have gives you the suggestions through which you can troubleshoot the issue on your wifi router. Our troubleshooting tips will save your time & will assist in keeping off the postpone in work.

linksys smart wifi

The reason behind wifi connection drop-offs

  • MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size
  • Attach both router & modem to each other with Ethernet cable.
  • Now connect the laptop to your wireless network by either wired or wireless method.
  • After this, attach the power adapter to your router and plug the adapter into the power socket near your modem.

Regulate MTU size in Linksys Smart Wifi

To adjust the Maximum Transmission Unit size, first of all, you need to understand what function it has in wireless connection. MTU size identified the largest packet size that is allowed for internet broadcast. To get the best output from the wireless network, the exact MTU size is required. To receive accurate throughput from the network, regulate the MTU size

Remove wireless interferences

The biggest reason for a weak wireless signal is interference. The interference can come from other objects such as microwave, electronic gadgets, metal objects, thick walls, or fiber cabinet. It results in the dead zone into the home and office. Please ensure that there are no such devices around your wireless router.

Upgrade router firmware by linksys smart wifi

Outdated router firmware can result in weak wifi signal and frequent wireless connection drop-offs.To ensure you get the maximum speed and the best wireless signal strength, upgrade the router firmware. You can do this through the Linksys web-based GUI. Log into the Linksys system and navigate to the router maintenance section. Upload the latest firmware to the router system and enjoy the safe and more enhanced wireless network. In case you don’t know how to update the firmware of Linksys smart wifi router, contact us or chat with us. Our team of networking experts will help you in the best possible way.

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