Ways to manage parental controls

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Ways to manage parental controls

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No doubt Linksys manufactures one of the finest routers & Wi-Fi extenders in the world. Overall working on the internet becomes easy with them. No one in this running world is unaware of the use of the Internet. It works as a lifeline for our online operations. The Internet makes easy to hook up with people around the world. We can send facts from one end of the arena to another. For all these, we want good high-quality products that can deliver high-speed net connectivity for online working. With the help of www.Linksyssmartwifi, you can log into the Linksys router and get entry to your router from around the world. In this post, we will discuss some easy ways to manage parental controls even if you are sitting far away from your home. Let’s first discuss about the Linksys router login as you will need to log into the Linksys wifi router to manage parental controls of the router.

Linksys router login

In this section, you will read about http // login process. Instructions have been provided below;
 Make sure your router is connected to the laptop or computer.
 Open a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
 Enter the Linksys router IP address in the address bar.
 You can also enter http // setup utility address.
 Enter the login credentials as given below:
Username – admin

Linksys smart wifi password – admin or leave blank

 Click Submit or press Enter.
 The web browser will now take you to the http // setup 

Ways to control parental settings

 After successful login through typing linksyssmartwifi, look for parental settings.
 Make sure you note that parental controls originate inside the Smart Wi-Fi machine and are pretty fundamental, only allows you to manipulate certain factors.
 Now you will see a number of devices connected to the
 Time to pick the device in which you need changes, like timing restrictions calendar-styles which allows or block-offs.
 At last, when you save the settings, your router will attempt to reboot in order to make changes take effect on it.
 This way, you can easily control or modify the parental control settings of your router.
So this post was all about some easy ways to configure or modify parental control settings of Linksys wifi router. In case you come across some issues with your Linksys wifi router, make sure you contact us or chat with us. Our team of networking experts will ensure that your issues are resolved within a few minutes.

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